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Paperback is a type of binding for editorial products that involves gluing a flexible cardboard cover on the back of the book pages.

A paperback binding is lighter and cheaper than a hardcover one. However, a paperback product is also more fragile and less resistant to impacts and rubbing.

The paperback binding could be mainly milled or stitched.

A milled paperback is obtained by putting together the signature marks and cutting them along the fold. Its spine is then sprinkled with glue, which easily goes into between the pages, thanks to the milling. To make easier the gluing of signature marks in a milled paperback, it can be used a natural and more porous paper.

A stiched paperback binding is made by piercing the signature marks, then chain stitching them with a cotton or linen thread. The glued or stitched signature marks are then covered with a hard or flexible cover attached to the spine.

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