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Roll labels management software

Among the industrial sectors, roll labels printing is one of the most complex and difficult to manage. Each product is different in formats and characteristics, raw materials and production steps. Even a millimeter difference can make major variations in production costs. Our goal was to create an ERP software for roll labels printing that should not be installed, that updates itself, that could be used on any device, ready for the technologies to come.

Gutenberg ERP is a MIS software, a customizable web application dedicated to the graphic industry, an ERP software tailored for roll labels printing. It’s possible to access to all Gerp features from any device which can run a modern web browser, like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge.

Gutenberg's main goal is minimize human intervention and errors.

Automatic quotation system for self-adhesive roll labels estimates production cost in few seconds and without technical skills.

Gutenberg has a single powerful single customizable "dashboard" to control: job status in production, printing machines and staff efficiency, pre-press and marketing office efficiency and much more...

You can track the history of each roll label you create. From serial number of each production you can obtain the lists of used raw materials, involved machines and operators. Using our ERP software for roll labels printing you can plan the workflow, the delivery and the turns using a single interface.

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This week

Confirmed orders: 23

9.311,23 €

vs Same day last week


This week

Delivered orders: 27

+3 in advance

12.512,12 €

vs Same day last week


This week

Machinery usage


vs same day last month




waiting for "Ok To Print" for more than 5 days


quotation request

waiting for more than 3 days



without answer for more than 10 days

Work in progress

Order n.312

speed: 54mt per minute

Order n.302

speed: 2mt per minute

Order n.299
Counting & Rewinding

speed: 60mt per minute

Gutenberg ERP (also know as Gerp), our ERP software, is developed using LAMP technology (Linux, Apache, MySql/MariaDB, PHP) and maintained according to the state-of-the-art for the Agile Software Developing, with frequent updates, quick modifications and customers request satisfaction. Our software house developes Gutenberg ERP using a Subversion version control, PhpUnit and Jenkins automatic tests for the updates on our trial server. Facebook, Yahoo, Etsy and many other web applications with billion of users handle the same technologies.

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