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September from 11th to 14th 2023
Brussels Expo - Exhibition Center

Hall number 8 Stand 8A83

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mappa label expo

the field

Among many, the graphic industry sector is one of the most complex and difficult to manage.

Every product is different from any other due to its size and characteristics, raw materials used, and processing steps performed. Even the smallest difference can make a large variation of production costs.

the idea

In 2004, the building up of a software capable to create quotations for self-adhesive labels printed in reels was commissioned to us. Because of the multitude of technology used within our client company (Windows, OSX, Linux), we decided to develop our software using the Web Technologies.

Our target was to create a management software that did not require installation, that could be able to a update on its own, be used on any device, be ready for the technologies that would have came.

that is how Gutenberg is born

Gutenberg-erp is a customable web-application dedicated to the graphic industry management. It is possible to access Gutenberg features through any device that is able to run modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge).

create quotations for the most complex products in a few seconds

Create quotations for the most complex products in a few seconds

check the prepress

check the status of the orders, waiting fo Ready For Press.

Gutenberg ERP

check the Processing time of your graphic designers

Gutenberg ERP

check purchases

never without the right paper during the production.

controlla gli acquisti

trace the story of every label

traccia la storia di ogni etichetta prodotta

traccia la storia di ogni etichetta prodotta

plan the production

check production orders, deliveries, and workshift through just one screen

pianifica la produzione

check the final balance

controlla i consuntivi

store your customers’ products

controlla i consuntivi

store your die cutters with PDF previews

archivia le tue fustelle con anteprime e PDF

connect your smart machine

collega le tue macchine Industria 4.0

the technology

Gutenberg-erp is developed on LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, Mysql/Mariadb, PHP) and manteined according to the state-of-the-art for the Agile Software Developing, therefore with frequent updates, fast modifications and customer requests satisfaction.

Our software house developes Gutenberg-erp using a Subversion version control, PhpUnit and Jenkins automatic tests for the updates on our trial server.

Facebook, Yahoo, Etsy and many other web applications with billion of users handle the same technologies

our philosophy

1. Ockham’s razor

“It is vain to do with more what can be done with less.”
In every solution we adopt, we choose to respect a principle of simplicity. Simple things are easier to understand, to use and to modify.

2. built for change

We developed Gutenberg in a way that it is simple to modify. This ERP system contains all the know-how of the company. It would be unthinkable to use an “immutable” software, because companies themselves need to change and evolve.

3. Antifragility

“Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better”
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

book a custom demo

write to info@gerp.it

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