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Silk Foil

Silk foil refers to the technique of applying gold or other metallic finishing to a substrate by screen printing.

Screen printing is a process that uses a silk or mesh stretched over a frame, through which ink or paint is pushed through the mesh onto a substrate, creating an image.

To create the effect of silk foil in screen printing a varnish containing metal particles must be used. There are several metallic paint options available on the market, including gold, silver and copper.

Once the metallic paint has been applied to the substrate surface by screen-printing, the silk print effect can be achieved using a special finishing technique. This finishing technique can be achieved through the use of a catalyst that reacts with the metallic paint, creating a smooth, polished surface that imitates the appearance of silk foil.

It is important to note that producing a screen-printed silk foil finish requires some experience and attention to detail, as the process requires a good knowledge of materials and application techniques. However, with the right equipment and materials, it is possible to create beautiful silk foil effects using screen printing.

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