Gutenberg ERP, equipment maintenance module

Equipment Maintenance

The machinery maintenance management module is an application designed to help companies manage the life cycle of their machinery, from preventive maintenance planning to repair and breakdown management.

Here are some of the typical features you would expect to find in this kind of software:

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling: Gerp allows you to schedule periodic maintenance of your machines to prevent breakdowns and extend their service life. Maintenance intervals can be set, types of tasks can be defined and deadlines can be scheduled.

Equipment maintenance

Management of maintenance requests: employees can send maintenance requests to report problems or malfunctions of machinery. Gerp makes it possible to assign these requests to the appropriate technical personnel, to monitor the progress of maintenance activities and to schedule the necessary repairs.

Fault and repair management: our software allows you to document machine faults and repairs, keep track of the activities carried out, the costs and the time needed to complete the repairs. In this way, data can be analysed to identify recurring problems and improve maintenance management.

Monitoring of maintenance activities: the software allows the progress of maintenance activities to be monitored and deadlines to be managed to ensure that activities are carried out on time and that machinery is always in optimum condition.

Data analysis: the software enables the analysis of maintenance data to identify recurring problems, monitor costs and improve the efficiency of maintenance management.

Reporting: the software makes possible to generate detailed reports on maintenance activities carried out, costs, deadlines and progress. In this way, maintenance management can be kept under control and informed decisions can be made to improve the efficiency and productivity of the company.

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