Gutenberg ERP - Production management MES software

MES software for industry 4.0

Gutenberg ERP is the MES software for production management compatible with all kind of devices.

Gerp’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) helps manufacturing companies to plan, monitor and control production operations within the factory. Gerp’s MES manages the workflow within the manufacture, enabling production managers to control production and improve efficiency.

Gerp manages production data in real time, helping managers to make informed and quick decisions. For example, Gerp can collect data on production, quality and machine utilisation and then analyse this data to identify any problems or inefficiencies.

In addition, Gerp includes functions for production planning, order management, material tracking and quality management. This helps to improve factory efficiency, reduce mistakes and improve product quality.

Accessibility from any device


Production monitoring is accessible from any device: PC, tablet, smartphone. This saves hardware costs.

On-board data collection without purchasing dedicated hardware

FSC certification

Identifies the production order through a barcode reader.

Automatic data collection from machines through 4.0 connection

Certificazione FSC

Among its functionalities, the Gutenberg ERP management software has the Industry 4.0 link. Send the production data to the connected machine and receive final data from the connected machine.

Customisable dashboard with KPI report

Dashboard sample


Current month


Cartes machine for laser cut

Expected time for processing

202 hours

Actual time for processing

187 hours


15-hour advances

Planned shift occupation


Operator widget sample


Current month


John Doe

Expected time for processing

152 hours

Actual time for processing

162 hours


10-hour delay

Planned shift occupation


Set up customised reports in the control dashboard. E.g. checking production times, material consumption focusing on machines or operators.

Final reports in different formats

All data are available for querying and processing in different formats: HTML, CSV, CSV for Excel, through API. The multiple data generated can be extrapolated to generate various statistics.

Production Management software

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