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Quotations Management Software

Gutenberg ERP software's quotation module allows to configure production resources and price lists, crossing them with the technical specifications of your products.

Set up costs and conditions of your production resources

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Set up machines and equipment, manufactoring cycles, transportation costs and usage materials.

Configure the price lists of company's suppliers for both services and raw materials

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Set up any form of price list, based on characteristics, amount sclales or other specifications. Gerp calculates it automatically.

Set up the company's non-productive costs

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Non-productive costs such as non-production personnel, warehouse leasing or insurance and legal expenses, can be allocated in the "productive" hours, with the confidence not to exclude anything.

Create complex quotations through few steps, reducing the chance to make mistakes

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Check the mark-up and margin for each cost center. Stops the creation of quotations with little (or excessive) margin. Compare the average costs and the previous prices for each customer..

Check the industries for which we have dedicated quotations

Stampa offsetOffset printing

Estimation for commercial prints, magazines, books with optimization of imposition, packaging and transport. Handling of paper and card. Find out more


Estimation for the production of boxes, cases, displays. Dies archiviation, management of paper and corrugated cardboard. Find out more

Roll labelsRoll labels

Estimation for roll labels, optimization of paper width and optimal gears calculation for rotative machines. Rotative, semi-rotative and flat laminations archive. Find out more

Woven labelsWoven labels

Estimation for woven labels. Time evaluation for loom, bolt, selvage, yarn consumption, cutting and folding, laser cutting, assembly. Packaging and shipping. Find out more

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