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CPQ Software (Configure, Price, Quote)

CPQ Software (Configure, Price, Quote) is a tool used by companies to optimize and automate the process of configuration, pricing and quotation generation for complex products and services.

Main Features:

  1. Configure: Allows users to select and customize products or services according to specific customer requirements, ensuring compatibility between the different options and variants available.
  2. Price: Automates the calculation of prices, considering discounts, promotions, price lists and other variables. Ensures that prices are always up-to-date and consistent with company policies.
  3. Quote: Generates detailed and accurate quotations quickly and efficiently. Quotes can include product descriptions, prices, terms and conditions, and can be easily shared with customers.


Typical Use: CPQ Software is mainly used by companies offering complex, customized products or services, such as those in the manufacturing, technology, telecommunications, and professional services sectors. It is particularly useful for organizations that have to manage a large number of product options and price variables.

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